Love Heals

Coming February 7th, 2019

A story told in reverse. The only way to understand the beginning… is to start at the end.

Her best friend’s murder and the subsequent spiral into near madness sent Amari on a mission that destroyed more lives than just hers. Now twenty-three years old, Amari quits school and moves in with her supposedly dead father and the family she didn’t know existed, hoping that living among her own people will help her heal.

But when her new friend Emily dies in an apparent muffin-related accident, Amari can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. She tries to get people to listen but Emily and her family aren’t one of their kind and a proper empath doesn’t concern themselves with stunted nonsense.

Now with pressure on all sides to let this go, Amari must hunt down a ruthless killer in a community that shares all but gives nothing away. Risking her life and the precious bonds she has forged, she will do whatever it takes to stop this killer… like she did with the last one.


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