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Amari Moon is an empath passing off her real talents as fake psychic ability. She’s managed to carve out a pretty nice life for herself, but it all comes crashing down when the mayor’s wife walks in.


A story told in reverse. The only way to understand the beginning… is to start at the end.

Four years after tragic loss destroyed her life and her sanity, empath Amari Moon is now back in Zinnia Springs passing off her true talent to read emotions as fake psychic ability. Madame Moon has left her past far behind and she will happily ignore all the people who say otherwise.

That is until the mayor’s wife steps into her shop and announces her husband, the most powerful man in the city is going to murder her. Amari uses everything she has learned over the years to protect her…and is still too late.

Amari now finds herself in the all too familiar position of chasing down a killer while the cops dismiss her, the world questions her credibility, and her family pressures her to stay out of non-empath business.

Amid perfect alibis, deadly fires, and murky motives, will Amari prove there is a killer hiding behind that charming face before she becomes the next victim?


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